Dixie Components has a combined 60 years of experience designing roof and floor trusses. Through the years Dixie Components has stayed true to its goal of deisning for the needs of the clients not only for here and now, but for the future as well. Another factor that greatly increases the strength of our truss design and engineering is our buisness associate and partner Miltek (the largest truss engineering & equipment corporation in the world).


Quality Control

We at Dixie Components want the quality of our trusses to be the best they can be. Each truss is checked several times as it goes through the production process. We check cutting lengths and angles of each piece of lumber that makes up the truss. Trusses are built using jigs that have been set up woth computer-controlled lasers. Each joint is checked for proper placement of metal plates and lumber using the lasers. We also have an outside ispection agency randomly check our facility and trusses four times a year. We want to make sure the quality of each truss will live up to the Dixie Component Systems name.

Controlled Cutting

After being computer designed, Dixie Components trusses are sent via the computer network to the saws to be cut. Included are all the specified lengths and angles needed for each piece of lumber for each truss. After the lumber has been cut, it gets sent to the fabrication tables where computer controlled lasers project an outline of the specified truss' lumber and plate location. Since we manufature our trusses with a computer controlled system, the amount of flaws are reduced to almost nothing.